Scholarship for Minority Students in STEM sponsored by GEICO-Application Dates: 2/1/22-3/31/22

Application Dates: 2/2/21-4/1/21 GEICO understands the importance of a diverse workforce in all industries—including STEM. With these scholarships, NSCS and GEICO will award (4) minority students with $2,500 scholarships.

Member with minority background
Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher
Major in STEM

(4) $2,500 awards
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please list any leadership roles, community service and extra academic activities (not required for class).
  2. Have you participated in any chapter and/or national NSCS events? Please list.
  3. Why do you think diversity and inclusion are important in the field of STEM? (min 400 words/max 600 words)
  4. What made you decide to major in STEM? What is your career aspiration? (min 400 words/max 600 words)